4 Devices That Can Possibly Save Your Life

As I go about my day to day activities, one of the things that I don’t often think about, are the devices that I use daily in my home, that can help in the case of an emergency, with saving my life. And while I do not often think about this, I am realizing these devices are important, not only to me, but to the rest of my family’s well being. This research project helped me in so many ways, because I began to think about things, that are just everyday items within my home, that could potentially save my life. This was something that I took for granted, but not anymore, after learning how important having these 4 items in the home can be.

I thought to myself, what if a fire were to break out in my home? I would definitely want a fire alarm and a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. And I needed to get an extinguisher that was good for any type of fire as well. This was important, because you never know where a fire will break out. It could be an electrical fire, a grease fire from the stove or something else. The fire alarm lets me know that something has gone terribly wrong, especially if there is more smoke than usual, in your home environment. The alarm sounds loudly and constantly, while letting me know, that this is something, that needs attending to now. The fire extinguisher needs to be kept, preferably somewhere in the kitchen, up high, where small children cannot reach it. Also, everyone in the family who is able to work the fire extinguisher, should be trained how and know its’ location.

Another item in the home, while many people have these, is a telephone. Many people have cell telephones and don’t realize the importance of having one. If any emergency situation breaks out, you have a connection to the outside world, in calling for help. The home line or cell telephone, allows you to call others, during the most troubling of times, which allows those who are most trained, to deal with the emergency situation. Always make sure that you have a working cell telephone or home line, to ensure that communication can be made with the outside world, in times of an emergency.

I think about the elderly population, and in particular my elderly aunt, who used to live with me. I made sure to have an AED defibrilator machine in case of a sudden heart attack. The AED defibrilator allows you to take command of the situation, allowing your loved one, the precious time they need, until professional medical help arrives. It gives the person having a heart attack an electrical shock wave, while giving the heart a natural rhythm, until professional medical help arrives and the patient can be stabilized.

For me, these would be the 4 devices that I would definitely want in my home. But there are so many others that are important as well. These come quickly to mind for me, because I have been in each situation, that I talked about within this article. Emergencies can be frightening enough, but if you have a solid plan for a particular emergency, and have communicated it to your family, then things will go much smoother.

I have learned that doing research is the key. I have also learned to make sure that equipment is working properly and in a safe place, where everyone is aware. This helped me in each emergency situation that I have been in, throughout my life. The emergency was dangerous and difficult, but with built in guidelines and making sure you have the right devices for each emergency, things can go as smoothly as possible, until professional medical or other help arrives. I kept in mind that when things happened to me and my family, to remain as calm as possible. I know that if I am alert and understand the situation, that it will help me do better, in making a decision about how to resolve it. I know that this is also important with regards to anything in life.

I always have a plan for as many emergency situations as I can and I make sure that everyone around me knows and understands the plans as well. I help my family to understand what to do in cases of hurricanes and tornadoes, where glass could easily be flying throughout the home. I help them to understand to get to a basement, if your home has one, for the best possible safety. And I always let my family know that we can get out of any emergency situation, if we stay calm and stick together.